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Baxter's Tsundoku
2 min readJul 1, 2023

Yeah that’s right, you heard me you son-of-a-gun, I do a newsletter now.

It’s called Tsundoku Diving and it’s all about digging through the good and the interesting in Japanese media. Basically, exactly what I got going on here.


Why? Well, mostly to break out of my Perfectionist Headspace that has stopped me finished almost anything this past half year. Ambition gets away from me easy, and couple that with an obsessive need for every sentence to sound good and you get what this blog has been for the past year…extremely sporadic. So I thought maybe a fresh start on a new site and the schedule of a newsletter would help force me out of my little goblin rut.

And it’s worked so far!

Three posts in three weeks with others in the tank and ready to go! Games, manga, books…we’re talking about it all, with more incoming!

first post there is about Paranormasight, one of the best games of the year!

All this to say: this doesn’t mean I’ll never post here on Medium again. BUT if you do like the kind of stuff I’ve written here, then please give it a look! It’d mean the world to me!

Take it easy, keep it breezy, and I appreciate you, you little stinkers




Baxter's Tsundoku

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